Online Donation for Campus Development Projects, CROSS

The proceeds will benefit the Campus Development Projects of Comprehensive Roadmap Of Strategic Succession (CROSS) of Munsang College. CROSS projects are crucial for the provision of standard and above-standard school facilities for the well-rounded development of our students. Being a renowned college since 1926, we dare to ‘think big’. Upon your generous financial contributions, we are going to reciprocate your goodwill by doing our utmost to scale new heights. Let us join hands and empower Munsangnites to have a bright and prosperous future.

The support we receive from you, your family and friends is much appreciated. This event is a wonderful learning experience for students to truly live up to the school motto, 「All for One. One for All」.

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Phase1: Redevelopment of Block E

(To be completed in December, 2019)

Phase2: New Assembly Hall

(To be completed in June, 2022)

Online Donation Records

Code Name of Donor Stakeholder
OD-20190824-1 LEE CALVIN Alumni 1977
OD-20191213-2 Anonymous Anonymous

Total Received Amount
HKD 35,521,814.17
As of : 04 December 2019