Phase 1: Redevelopment of Block E

Progress of the redevelopment project of Block E
Items Date Status
Contract 1 – Block H Alteration and Addition Works and Block E Demolition and Utilities Diversions 10th May 2016 Commencement Date
August 2017 Completion
Main Contract – Redevelopment of Block E 25th September 2017 Commencement Date
31st May 2019 Topping-out Ceremony
Guest of Honor:
Mr. Matthew CHEUNG Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP
Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR
December 2019 Expected Completion

Phase 2: New Assembly Hall

Progress of New Assembly Hall
Date Status
February, 2014 Technical Feasibility Study (TFS) Approved
September, 2014 Project code to be released by EDB
October, 2014 Detail design commences
October, 2017 Application approved
April, 2018 The project is expected to be discussed in Public Works Sub-Committee and Finance Committee, Legislative Council
Consultation sessions for stakeholders and Submissions to Legco
Date Status
November, 2017 Consultation:
Alumni : 12 November, 2017
Parents : 18 November, 2017
Staff : 28 November, 2017
Students : 30 November, 2017
02 December, 2017 IMC & SSB: Endorse the detail design
December, 2017 – February, 2018 Prepare tender documents and paper for District Council
15 March, 2018 Consultation: District Council (Kowloon City)
11 May, 2018 Meeting: Education Panel Meeting
June, 2018 Meeting: Public Works Subcommittee, LegCo
July, 2018 Meeting: Finance Committee, LegCo
Commencement of Works
Date Status
December, 2018 Commencement of Works
February, 2021 Completion of Works
May, 2021 Renovation and Installation
September, 2021 Commissioning of Facilities
April, 2020 Commencement of Works
November, 2022 Completion of Works

Total Received Amount
HKD 50,589,394.48
As of : 31 May 2022