Comprehensive Roadmap Of Strategic Succession

Comprehensive Roadmap Of Strategic Succession (CROSS) was established in 2012 to strategically plan the overall development of the College in the coming decades. Its missions comprise of curriculum planning and deployment from early childhood education to secondary education, campus enhancement and modernization, and alumni bonding and community relations building.


  • To better equip the campus for new challenges in the 21st century
  • To create more space for students of the Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School
  • To enhance the campus environment for aesthetic and physical development
  • To expand the room for creativity and imagination

Campus Development

  • For years, the School Council has looked for and explored possibilities to optimize school facilities. The opportunity came when the Education Bureau conveyed its support for a standard provision of School Assembly Hall for the secondary school (Munsang College).

    After careful deliberation and convinced that this was a God-given opportunity, the Council finally announced the decision to pursue two development plan for building up a new Assembly Hall and redeveloping Block E for both Munsang College, Munsang College Primary School and Munsang College Kindergarten.

    Challenging tasks await: Nearly 90 years ago Munsang embarked on a campus development project to give students of tomorrow an even more ideal, fulfilling, loving, Christian education. New spacious facilities, such as all-seasons swimming pool, library and classrooms among other improvements will enable Munsang to keep her traditions and yet be equipped to look forward, modernize, transform and reach new heights.


Total Received Amount
HKD 50,589,394.48
As of : 31 May 2022